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New around here? Then this is the page for you. Let’s start with a quick introduction and a little bit about me: Intern to owner. Entry level to board member. Employee to owner. Broke to a financial IQ. Start-up to Enterprise. These are my journeys. Along the way there have been successes and learnings, hacks and hiccups. I share them all here to help you, help yourself.

Where it all started

I grew up with a passion for learning: straight A’s, multiple hons bachelor degrees and a Dean’s award. The problem is, many of the lessons I learnt throughout my education didn’t serve me particularly well in the real world. Conforming to conventional rules and pre-defined paths restricted my ability to be the best I could be. As a contrarian big picture thinker, I was operating conventionally within traditional expectations, and this was limiting my ability to achieve. I was finding success through a desire to fit in and a fear of failure. And it wasn’t enough. Something had to change.

Achievement without fulfilment, is still failure

What was missing?

I’d fallen into a common trap many high fliers often find themselves in. I wasn’t enjoying the journey or celebrating success. The ‘What’s next’ dilemma plagued me constantly. I found myself always seeking the next big thing and not having any gratitude or appreciation for anything around me.

However, with a slight change in mindset, I left these challenges behind. By focusing on my ‘why‘, progress become even faster, outcomes achieved fulfilment above all else. My life learning continued from there, but in areas that served me better with goals increasing in scale.

“If you want more success in your life, then read on”

What now?

This site shares my thoughts, reflections and musings on the key learnings I’ve picked up throughout my journeys. My hope is others can use these insights to better themselves professionally, personally and financially.

And for those who really want to kick on, I offer coaching that can help you accelerate your pursuit of the outcomes you really want.

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Money, Investing and Wealth

Financial Freedom. Passive income. Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain. Property Investments. If you’re interested in any of these, then take a look at the Money section. I share my learnings yielded from asset classes that now generate more annual wealth and income than my profession.

What I learnt from 10+ side hustles

I recently wrote about 6 lessons from my side hustles. Now, engagement has been great (thank you) and many of you requested...

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As an avid learner, I quickly realized the best investment you can make is in yourself.
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