5 simple tips to improve your chances of achieving your goals

Setting goals is one the fundamentals of high performance individuals and companies. Lots of people ‘set‘ them, but what really separates the ones that regularly achieve their goals and the ones that don’t?

Luckily, it isn’t by the birth lottery. The ability on how to achieve goals can be learnt, copied and success repeated. The best part is that once you know the formula, you can do it again and again. The difference may also be smaller than you think. So, here are five simple tips that can significantly improve the chances of you achieving your goals.

How-To Achieve Your Goals With 5 Simple Tips


x10 your chances of achieving goals by writing them down. Having goals also led to a x2 over average income over a 10-year period.


Make sure every goal is:

  • Specific – eg. Save $10,000 vs Save more money
  • Measurable – You can objectively track progress and outcome
  • Attainable – It is challenging yet possible, and something of interest to you
  • Realistic – You believe it is possible to achieve
  • Timely – Include a sense of urgency with time-based deadline or duration

Example: I will easily save $10k by December 2019
The more specific you are, the more you can visuzalize goals which help you maintain motivation and clarity in achieving it. You can find some great goal examples and visualization techniques from successful business, sports and film stars here.


Improve your chances of success by 25% with an accountability partner or peer group. One way is simply by making it public in sharing with friends, family and peers.


3% of Harvard Business students with goals committed and an action plan to achieve them earn as much as the remaining 97% without an action plan. That is a x64 the level of income!


Review goals and the action plan regularly. Many successful people do this daily to make sure every day they’re moving closer to the goal.

What can you do?

So what can you do to improve your chances of achieving goals… May be it is sharing within your peers group or publicly online? Do you write them once and forget? – if so, may be review them daily for a month and see if it helps you focus to progress quicker. Or how about spending a bit more time upfront building an action plan instead of just jumping in?

I’d love to hear what helps you the most and any other get tips you use to improve success.