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How-To Achieve Your Goals With 5 Simple Tips

You've set goals, but how do you maximize your chances of achieving them?

6 Great Examples of Goal Setting and Visualization

Setting goals is one thing - but how you use the goals to determine the outcomes you desire in life is a totally different thing. High performers build habits around achieving their goals - and visualization is one...

Why Personal Experience Beats Theory

We all learn from experience. That’s a matter of fact. It was once said the definition of insanity is ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result’. We are purpose built to...

How Career Coaching Can Help You Reach Your Professional Goals

Employment is something we rely on. Having a career means you can bring money to the table and support your family with food, medical bills, entertainment, and other essentials, many of which are crucial to survival. Most...

Managing the worry, fear and anxiety of what MAY happen in your future

How to stop wasting time and energy on daily 'what ifs?'

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The only 2 roads to a hard life – which one do you choose?

At any given time there is progress or regress. Time doesn’t come to a stop. Like a river, life keeps on moving.

What I learnt from 10+ side hustles

I recently wrote about 6 lessons from my side hustles. Now, engagement has been great (thank you) and many of you requested...

30 Top Tips in Setting Up Serviced Accommodation Apartments

Taking on anything new is always a steep learning curve. So, taking on 4 serviced accommodation apartments in Bedford at once was...