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4 things Twitter needs to do to survive

With a declining user base, an increasingly confused identity and greater competition than ever, the platform has entered an ominous downward spiral it may now struggle to escape.

Why it’s marketers fault Twitter is dying

We've all heard 'too much of a good thing', but as marketers we're guilty more than most of over investing when we see something working. Is this to blame for the Twitter downfall?

If you keep measuring the pig, you’ll forget to feed it

As modern marketers we are under pressure to demonstrate performance results. Do we obsess of measurement at the expense of actually doing marketing?

Why marketing is an investment, not a cost.

Marketing results as surprisingly linked to mindset. In approaching planning like an investment you'll set yourself up for greater success of positive return, not just a purchase.

The #1 request marketing should be making to HR

The greatest source of customer expertise and marketing value can be created across the business, not from within marketing. Are marketing teams short-sighted in wanting more people within their teams?

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At any given time there is progress or regress. Time doesn’t come to a stop. Like a river, life keeps on moving.

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