If I could ask for just one thing from HR, it wouldn’t be additional headcount and it wouldn’t yield an incremental cost to the business, no, what I’d ask for, is for them to focus on accelerating marketing effectiveness.

Now by this, I mean I’d like them to focus on finding future recruits who have the competency and desire to produce content. And I’m not just talking about requesting it as a desirable skill, but making it a mandatory characteristic of all future hires across the business.

It’s no secret, almost every business struggles in 3 key areas of content production:

  • Understanding customers at a deep intimate level
  • Achieving scale and effective content distribution
  • Subject matter experts not having bandwidth to contribute or be naturally inclined to develop content

Now picture these people:

  • A technical engineer that was a lead editor in her university newspaper and blog
  • A legal employee that does video reviews of films online
  • A maintenance and repair man that practices stand up comedy in his spare time
What do you think?

I bet you can see the opportunity immediately. People that by their nature are intimate with customers and technical specifics know how to communicate in a language that aligns with the core audience, and above all they naturally produce content.

With individuals like this on board, just think of the scale of content you could generate across an entire business. Think of the differentiation and presence you could generate over your competition.

In fact, just look at the value the individuals above could produce by combining their work knowledge with their content development skill sets:

  • A technical engineer could blog weekly about the most common issues he faced and resolved each week
  • A legal employee could hold a monthly update on legal implications impacting their industry (which is the same industry as most of their customers)
  • A maintenance and repair man could create short videos around how-to fix common problems in a humorous manner

Now, you might think this is unlikely or unrealistic. But just think, if you could recruit one of these people every month for 2 years then you’d have 24 people across the business producing content that aligns and would be valued by your customers.

And the best thing for marketing – you’d have content, in every format, for every persona at your fingers tips ready to leverage. Without asking for it, without getting more budget or even getting more direct resource to manage.

So next time you’re asked by HR how they can help you or are preparing a request to the talent acquisition manager, remember to consider content production capabilities in every new hire.